Table 2

Left ventricular measurements before and after AF ablation in the study population as a whole, stratified by post-AF ablation response in LVEF (>7.5%)

VariablesAll patients, n=52LVEF improved, n=30LVEF not improved, n=22
BeforeAfterP valueBeforeAfterP valueBeforeAfterP value
LVEF, %36±847±130.00236±856±8<0.00136±936±90.74
LVIDd, mm56±756±70.7754±653±50.4058±859±70.73
LVIDs, mm44±840±90.0242±736±60.00146±945±80.74
LAD, mm49±948±70.3948±947±60.3850±849±80.78
  • Values presented as mean±SD.

  • AF, atrial fibrillation; LAD, left atrial diameter;LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction;LVIDd, left ventricular internal diameter during end-diastole; LVIDs, left ventricular internal diameter during end-systole.