Table 1

Characteristics of the studies included in the systematic review and meta-analysis

StudyYearNumber of patientsFollow-up (years)AF diagnosisDementia diagnosisStudy quality*
Dublin et al4201130456.8ICD codesDSM-IVHigh
Marzona et al5201231 5064.7ECG, medical recordsMMSEHigh
de Bruijn et al62015651412.5ECG, medical recordsDSM-III revisedHigh
Singh-Manoux et al72017742814.7ECG, ICD codesICD codesHigh
Chen et al8201812 51520.2ECG, ICD codesNational Institute on Aging–Alzheimer’s Association work groups, DSM-VHigh
  • *The items considered for assigning study quality were selection bias, detection bias and performance bias; high quality: no bias; moderate quality: one bias; low quality: two or more bias.

  • DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders;ICD, International Classification of Diseases;MMSE, Mini-Mental State Exam.