Table 3

Results of univariable and multivariable analysis for all-cause 30-day mortality

P valueHR95% CIP valueHR95% CI
Body mass index, kg/m2<0.0000.780.68 to 0.90<0.0000.730.61 to 0.87
Heart failure0.0832.780.90 to 5.800.032.951.11 to 7.78
 Transaortic0.9050.880.10 to 7.510.6140.570.06 to 5.14
 Transapical0.0114.981.78 to 13.990.0153.81.29 to 11.16
SPAP, mm Hg0.0530.004
 30–600.7371.220.38 to 3.890.6881.280.39 to 4.14
 >600.0384.031.08 to 14.990.0047.771.90 to 31.28
Peripheral artery disease0.0025.161.86 to 14.340.0025.951.97 to 17.99
MR moderate to severe0.0912.240.88 to 5.68NS
COPD0.0651.401.01 to 7.79NS
Previous cardiac surgery0.1010.430.15 to 1.18NS
eGFR ml/min/1.73 m20.0550.980.96 to 1.00NS
Porcelain aorta0.0482.811.01 to 7.79NS
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;MR, mitral regurgitation;NS, non-significant;SPAP, systolic pulmonary arterial pressure; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate.