Table 2

Preoperative echocardiographic parameters stratified according to 30-day mortality

Variable*Survivors (n=199)Dead
P value
LVEF %, (n=212)0.751
 31–4972(36)7 (37)
 ≤3022(11)1 (5)
LVLS, (n=198)−11.1±3.8−10.9±3.60.783
MAPSE septal, cm (n=212)0.70±0.270.67±0.310.691
MAPSE lateral, cm (n=212)0.99±0.321.0±0.310.844
IVSDd, cm (n=202)1.2±0.31.3±0.30.158
AVA, cm2 (n=215)0.63±0.210.58±0.200.407
AVA index, cm2/m2 (n=215)0.34±0.110.34±0.110.802
AV gradient max, mm Hg (n=215)84±2477±200.189
AV gradient mean, mm Hg (n=215)52±1547±120.202
AV max velocity, m/s (n=216)453±67430±580.162
SV LVOT index, ml/m2 (n=216)37±1135±120.559
LVOT diameter, cm2.1±0.252.1±0.230.348
E/é (n=148)19.2±8.118.1±9.70.644
E/A (n=147)1.1±0.60.8±0.50.159
MV deceleration time, ms (n=215)227±92221±890.769
MV E, cm/s (n=215)96±3489±390.454
LA volume index, mL/m2 (n=204)53±2053±220.995
MR moderate to severe (n=209)38(20)7 (37)0.079
AR moderate to severe (n=213)35(18)3 (16)0.777
Mitral stenosis9 (5)1 (5)0.816
SPAP, mm Hg (n=215)0.033
 >6016(8)5 (26)
 <3063(32)4 (21)
TAPSE, cm (n=204)1.6±0.51.7±0.50.405
TASV, cm/s (n=133)9.5±3.210.9±3.30.140
FAC, % (n=197)36±1337±90.655
RVEDA, cm2 (n=197)20±521±50.469
RVESA, cm2 (n=197)13±513±30.872
TR moderate to severe (n=213)40(21)5 (26)0.562
RVLS, % (n=171)−16±7−16±60.888
  • Values are mean±SD or n(%).

  • *Numbers in brackets indicate the number of cases where the measurement was available.

  • AR, aortic regurgitation;AV, aortic valve;AVA, aortic valve area;FAC, fractional area change;IVSDd, intraventricular septum diameter in diastole;LA, left atrium;LVLS, left ventricular longitudinal strain;LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction;LVOT, left ventricular outflow tract;MAPSE, mitral annular plane systolic excursion;MR, mitral regurgitation;MV, mitral valve;RVEDA, right ventricular end-diastolic area;RVESA, right ventricular end-systolic area;RVLS, right ventricular longitudinal strain;SPAP, systolic pulmonary arterial pressure;SV, stroke vol;TAPSE, tricuspid annular peak systolic excursion;TASV, tricuspid annular systolic velocity;TR, tricuspid regurgitation.