Table 1

Female contribution to overall, first and senior authorship during the study period stratified by overall publications and original research included

OverallOriginal research
Number of publications35 11814 939
Total citations (median (IQR))3 (1–10)6 (2–15)
Impact factor (median (IQR))2.23 (1.20–3.63)2.55 (1.35–3.85)
Female authorship overall (%)25.030.2
Female first authorship (%)30.236.6
Female senior authorship (%)20.823.5
Paper with mixed gender authorship (%)59.775.4
Publication volume (top 10 countries)
 USA10 9655069
Publication quality (Σimpact factors) (top 10 countries)
 USA36 982.217 372.6
  • In addition, cumulative publication numbers and impact factors of the top 10 countries contributing to research in the field of congenital heart disease are provided.