Table 1

Baseline provider/practice characteristics of participants

AllSubspecialists†OMCOHSP value
Male (%)8696781000.080
Provider subgroup (%)
 Cardiovascular imaging2430
 Heart failure1021150
 Interventional cardiology22461241
Years of training8.8±5.58.3±3.87.0±2.012.3±8.0<0.001
Years of practice15.7±12.412.0±10.116.3±12.814.5±11.80.630
Number of patients seen per week59.9±27.463.0±28.852.9±28.473.1±19.90.012
Variability of care (%)
 Little or no variability1091260.186
 Somewhat variable72696388
 Highly variable1822256
Focus on QI and lowering unnecessary costs* (%)
  • *One provider did not answer this question.

  • †Includes heart failure, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiovascular imaging and vascular.

  • OHC, Ochsner Health Center; OMC, Ochsner Medical Center; QI, Quality Improvement.