Table 1

Study characteristics: patients with HF and CRT with AF versus CRT with NSR

Total patientsAF, nNSR, nAF-AVJ ablation, n (%)Mean follow-up period (months)Indications for CRTType of AFMean age (years)Male, n (%)ICM, n (%)Average QRS duration (ms)Quality Assessment Scale*
Borleffs et al 36 22355168033NYHA class III/IV, EF<35%, QRS>120 msPostimplantation AF65171/223 (77)138/223 (62)161Good
Delnoy et al 9 2639616720 (21)24NYHA>III, EF<35%, QRS>120 msPersistent AF (if >24 hours)72.5186/263 (71)100/263 (38)171Good
Eisen et al 13 1756610910 (15.2)24Paroxysmal, permanent or persistent AF68.8138/175 (79)126/175 (72)146.5Good
Ferreira et al 15 131537827 (49)24NYHA>II, EF<35%, QRS>120 msAF, any prior episode68108/131 (82)69/131 (53)Good
Gasparini et al 16 673162511114 (70.3)25NYHA class>II, EF<35%, QRS>120 ms, OPT, 1 hospitalisation for HF prior to device implantationPermanent AF64.7534/673 (79)165Good
Gasparini et al 12 12852431042118 (48.5)34Permanent AF64.8979/1285 (76)594/1285 (46)165.5Good
Gasparini et al 5 738413386046443 (49.4)36NYHA class>III, LVEF<35%, QRS>120 ms, OPTPermanent AF685852/7384 (79)3300/7384 (45)157Good
Himmel et al 11 2764623015 (33)12NYHA II–IV despite OPT, LVEF<35%, QRS>120 msPermanent AF69238/276 (86)171/276 (62)182.3Good
Hoppe et al 31 40966343029.4NYHA class>III, EF<35%, QRS>120 ms, OPTPostimplantation new-onset AF (excluded permanent pretrial AF)66.7304/409 (74)167/409 (41)Good
Jedrzejczyk-Patej et al 29 2008012040 (50)36Refractory HF, NYHA>III, EF<35%, QRS>120 msParoxysmal or permanent AF59.3150/200 (75)94/200 (47)168Good
Khadjooi et al 8 29586209072NYHA class>III, EF<35%, QRS>120 ms, OPTAF, unspecified70235/295 (80)207/295 (70)159.2Good
Köbe et al 35 882171711012AF, unspecifiedGood
Leclercq et al 28 37152215 (100)14LVEDd>60 mm, EF<35%, NYHA>III, QRS>120 ms or >200 ms if previously pacedPermanent AF6834/37 (92)14/37 (38)182Poor
Linde et al 7 1316467012Severe HF due to LV dysfunction, EF<35%, LVEDd>60 mm, NYHA class III, OPT, 6 min walk<450 m, SR with QRS>150 ms, paced QRS>200 msPersistent AF64102/131 (77)42/131 (32)191Good
Luedorff et al 27 58413944516 (11)12Persistent AF (>1 month)69.5428/584 (73)306/584 (52)168Good
Molhoek et al 6 60303017 (57)24NYHA class>III, EF<35%, QRS>120 ms or >200 for paced or LBBBPersistent AF (>3 months)65.551/60 (85)29/60 (48)192.5Good
Ousdigian et al 34 54 01912 90541 114024Paroxysmal, persistent, permanent AF7039 433/54 019 (73)Good
Santini et al 19 1193489704013NYHA class II, III, IV, EF<35%, QRS>120 msPostimplantation AF66939/1193 (79)576/1193 (49)149Good
Schütte et al 10 9136649 (25)12NYHA>3, EF>35%, QRS>120 ms, LBBB, OPTAF, unspecified7086/91 (94)68/91 (75)180Good
Tolosana et al 4 47012634419 (15)12NYHA class>III, EF<35%, QRS>120 ms, OPTPersistent AF (>3 months)68298/470 (63)202/470 (43)168Good
Tolosana et al 33 2024615613 (28)12NYHA class>III despite OPT, LVEF<35%, QRS>120 msPermanent AF67153/202 (76)89/202 (32)160Good
van Boven et al 30 543133342036LBBB, QRS>120 msAF, unspecified64401/543 (74)294/543 (54)Good
Wilton et al 32 495249246041NYHA class II or III, EF<30%, QRS>120 ms, or paced QRS>200 ms, OPTPostimplantation AF65.886.370158.4Good
Wo et al 43 56164006EF<35%, completed LBBB with intrinsic or paced QRS duration>130 ms, NYHA functional class III or ambulatory class IV on OPTAF, persistent or permanent6738/56 (68)167Good
  • *Newcastle-Ottawa Quality Assessment Scale: Poor <4, Fair 5–6, Good >7.

  • AF, atrial fibrillation; AVJ, atrioventricular junction; CRT, cardiac resynchronisation therapy; EF, ejection fraction; HF, heart failure; ICM, ischaemic cardiomyopathy; LBBB, Left Bundle Branch Block; LVEDd, left ventricular end-diastolic diameter; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; NSR, normal sinus rhythm; NYHA, New York Heart Association; OPT, Optimal Pharmacological Therapy ; SR, sinus rhythm.