Table 3

Intervention integrity and consistency ratings for included studies (n=39)

Author and yearIntegrityConsistencyContaminationUnit of allocationUnit of analysisIntention To Treat (ITT)
Blank and Smithkline136IndividualIndividual2
Boden-Albala et al,34 2015136IndividualIndividual1
Dracup et al,15 2009436IndividualIndividual2
Luepker et al,31 2000436CommunityBothNA
Meischke et al,32 1997426IndividualIndividual3
Mooney et al,10 2014416IndividualIndividual1
Müller-Nordhorn et al,33 2009436CommunityCommunityNA
Controlled before and after studies
Morgenstern et al,35 2002436CommunityIndividual1
Rowley et al,36 1982436PracticePractice3
Xin-gang et al,37 2013436CommunityIndividual3
Uncontrolled before and after studies/ITS
Addo et al,66 2012436CommunityIndividualNA
Alberts et al,59 1992436IndividualIndividualNA
Barsan et al,60 1994436CommunityIndividualNA
Bett et al,45 2005436CommunityIndividualNA
Bett et al,46 1993336CommunityIndividualNA
Black and Brown,62 1973436CommunityIndividualNA
Breuer et al,54 1999436CommunityIndividualNA
Camerlingo et al,64 2014426CommunityIndividualNA
Diercks et al,56 2010436CommunityIndividualNA
Gaspoz et al,48 1996436CommunityIndividualNA
Herlitz et al,55 1992236CommunityIndividualNA
Ho et al,1 1989436CommunityIndividualNA
Hodgson et al,38 2007436CommunityIndividualNA
Luiz et al,49 2001436CommunityIndividualNA
Maeso-Madronero et al,52 2000436CommunityIndividual1
Mellon et al,40 2014426CommunityIndividualNA
Mitic and Perkins,57 1984436CommunityIndividualNA
Moses et al,67 1991436CommunityIndividualNA
Naegeli et al,63 2011436CommunityIndividualNA
Nishijima et al,65 2016426CommunityIndividualNA
Rau et al,53 2005436CommunityIndividual1
Rustige et al,41 1992436CommunityIndividualNA
Thomassen et al,50 1999436CommunityIndividualNA
Waters et al,47 1983436CommunityIndividualNA
Wolters et al,51 2015436CommunityIndividualNA
Wright et al,58 2001436CommunityIndividualNA
Post-test only studies (n=2)
Bray et al,44 2015226CommunityIndividualNA
Månsson et al,43 1999436CommunityIndividualNA
Case–control study (n=1)
Tummala and Farshid,42 2015226CommunityIndividualNA
  • ITS, interrupted time series; ITT, intention to treat; NA, not available.