Table 2

Relationship of some comparative variables with respect to high on treatment platelet reactivity (P2Y12 reaction units >208)

Comparison variablesORCIs (95%)P value
Male versus female*0.970.28 to 3.400.962
South Asian (Indo-Trinidadians) versus non-South Asian (Caribbean Blacks/Afro-Trinidadians, mixed/others)*5.41.18 to 24.660.029
Diabetes mellitus (DM) versus non-DM*1.810.51 to 6.360.358
Statin therapy versus no statin therapy*0.330.03 to 3.510.361
Body mass index0.980.88 to 1.100.770
Ejection fraction (EF) <50% versus EF >50%*1.150.30 to 4.470.836
SYNTAX score >33 versus <33*3.40.59 to 19.460.169
  • *Comparison group.