Table 6

Summary table of overall methodological quality ratings associated with intervention effectiveness

Author and yearEPHPP global ratingTotal scoreDid intervention reduce patient delay significantly?
RCTs (n=7)
 Blank and Smithkline312/18No
 Boden-Albala et al,34 201518/18No
 Dracup et al,15 200928/18No
 Luepker et al,31 200029/18No
 Meischke et al,32 1997311/15No
 Mooney et al,10 201417/18Yes
 Müller-Nordhorn et al,33 200928/18Yes
Controlled before and after studies (n=3)
 Morgenstern et al,35 2002NA6/12No
 Rowley et al,36 1982NA10/12Yes
 Xin-gang et al,37 2013NA9/12Yes
Uncontrolled before and after studies /ITS (n=26)
 Addo et al,66 2012NA9/12No
 Alberts et al,59 1992NA9/12Yes
 Barsan et al,60 1994NA9/12Yes
 Bett et al,45 2005NA9/12No
 Bett et al,46 1993NA10/12No
 Black and Brown,62 1973NA9/12Yes
 Breuer et al,54 1999NA8/12Yes
 Camerlingo et al,64 2014NA9/12Yes
 Diercks et al,56 2010NA10/12No
 Gaspoz et al,48 1996NA10/12Yes
 Herlitz et al,55 1992NA9/12Yes
 Ho et al,1 1989NA10/12No
 Hodgson et al,38 2007NA8/12Yes
 Luiz et al,49 2001NA8/12Yes
 Maeso-Madronero et al,52 2000NA9/12Yes
 Mellon et al,40 2014NA9/12No
 Mitic and Perkins,57 1984NA9/12Yes
 Moses et al,67 1991NA9/12No
 Naegeli et al,63 2011NA9/12Yes
 Nishijima et al,65 2016NA9/12Yes
 Rau et al,53 2008NA8/12No
 Rustige et al,41 1992NA9/12Yes
 Thomassen et al,50 1999NA10/12No
 Waters et al,47 1983NA8/12No
 Wolters et al,51 2015NA9/12Yes
 Wright et al,58 2001NA8/12No
Post-test only (n=2)
 Bray et al,44 2015NA10/12Yes
 Månsson et al,43 1999NA11/12No
Case–control study (n=1)
 Tummala and Farshid,42 2015NA9/12No
  • EPHPP, Effective Public Health Practice Project; ITS, interrupted time series; NA, not available; RCTs, randomised controlled trials.