Table 4

Cox regression modelling; HRs for septal pacing for primary and secondary endpoints

EndpointModelHR95% CIs
Primary composite endpoint1 (Unadjusted)0.860.64 to 1.15
2 (Age, gender)1.020.76 to 1.36
3 (Age, gender comorbidities*)0.970.72 to 1.30
Secondary endpoints
 All-cause mortality3 (Age, gender comorbidities*)0.920.66 to 1.28
 New-onset heart failure3 (Age, gender comorbidities*)0.690.24 to 1.67
 All-cause mortality/new onset heart failure†3 (Age, gender comorbidities*)0.900.65 to 1.23
 Modified composite endpoint‡1 (Unadjusted)0.910.68 to 1.21
2 (Age, gender)1.080.81 to 1.45
3 (Age, gender comorbidities*)1.020.76 to 1.38
  • *Chronic kidney disease/congestive heart failure/hypertension/diabetes mellitus/ischaemic heart disease.

  • †All-cause mortality/new-onset heart failure.

  • ‡As per CARE-HF, with pulmonary embolism and ruptured aortic aneurysm excluded.

  • CARE-HF, CArdiac REsynchronization in Heart Failure trial.