Table 2

Baseline resting and exercise treadmill test measures of the study population according to the severity of AS

Total (n=306)Moderate AS (n=204)Severe AS (n=102)P value
Pre-ETT heart rate, bpm77±1576±1578±160.471
Pre-ETT systolic BP, mm Hg141±19141±19143±190.395
Pre-ETT diastolic BP, mm Hg85±1184±1186±110.098
Peak heart rate, bpm134±25134±26134±230.802
Peak systolic BP, mm Hg166±26167±26165±250.401
Peak diastolic BP, mm Hg90±1690±1691±160.441
Abnormal BP response113 (37%)72 (36%)42 (41%)0.388
Target heart rate achieved, %86±1585±1589±140.080
Rapid early rise in heart rate77 (25%)49 (24%)28 (28%)0.452
Exercise duration, min9.7±4.49.8±4.79.6±3.60.648
Revealed symptoms87 (28.4%)50 (24.5%)37 (36.3%)0.032
Double product, mm Hg · bpm1.90±0.461.91±0.481.90±0.430.874
  • AS, aortic stenosis; BP, blood pressure; ETT, exercise treadmill test; METs, metabolic equivalents; bpm, beats per minute.