Table 2

Assessment of study quality and reporting using Tool for the assessment of Study quality and reporting in Exercise (TESTEX)

StudyEligibility criteria specifiedRandomisation
details specified
Allocation concealedGroups similar at baselineAssessors blindedOutcomes measures assessed >85% participants*Intention to treat analysisReporting between-group statistical comparison†Point measures and measures of variabilityActivity monitoring in control groupRelative exercise intensity constantExercise volume and energy expenditureOverall TESTEX (/15)
Hegbom 25 1001030210008
Luo 2 11101312110113
Malmo 26 10001202111110
Osbak 27 11111212101012
Risom 29 11111212101113
Skielboe 10 11111212111114
Wahlstrom 31 1101010210007
Zeren 30 11111212101012
  • *Three points possible—one point if adherence >85%, one point if adverse events reported, one point if exercise attendance is reported.

  • †Two points possible—one point if primary outcome is reported, one point if all other outcomes reported. 0 awarded if no mention was made of this criteria or if it was unclear.

  • Key: total out of 15 points.