Table 2

Cardiac MRI measurements and plasma volume according to regurgitant volume.

Regurgitant volume <60 mL (N=24)Regurgitant volume ≥60 mL (N=22)P value
Plasma volume, mL2924±3543050±3420.22
Regurgitant volume, mL38±1379±18<0.001
Regurgitant fraction, %31±1048±8<0.001
LV End-Diastolic Volume Index, mL/m2 101±14130±22<0.001
LV End-Systolic Volume Index, mL/m2 39±948±140.009
LV ejection fraction, %63±864±60.71
Total LV Stroke Volume Index, mL/m2 63±883±12<0.001
Indexed aorta flow*, mL/m2 41±839±80.75
LV wall mass index, g/m2 57±1270±180.006
LV mass/LV end-diastolic volume, g/mL0.56±0.080.53±0.120.42
LA Max Volume Index, mL/m2 80±16105±21<0.001
LA pre A volume index, mL/m2 59±1376±15<0.001
LA Minimal Volume Index, mL/m2 44±1458±180.008
LA fractional change, %46±946±80.76
LA active systolic emptying fraction, %27±926±100.63
RV End-Diastolic Volume Index, ml/m2 68±1470±150.60
RV End-Systolic Volume Index, ml/m2 27±732±110.09
RV ejection fraction, %60±755±90.02
RV Stroke Volume Index, ml/m2,41±938±90.35
  • Data are mean±SD unless otherwise indicated.

  • *(Aortic forward flow—aortic backward flow)/body surface area.

  • LA, left atrial; LV, left ventricular; RV, right ventricular.