Table 3

Invasive haemodynamic measurements at rest and during exercise according to regurgitated volume on cardiac MRI (CMRI)

RestPeak exercise
Regurgitant volume <60 mLRegurgitant volume vol ≥60 mLP valueRegurgitant volume <60 mLRegurgitant volume ≥60 mLP value
Watts at max. exercise111±46129±360.17
Estimated VO2 (Fick), ml/kg2.8±0.82.6±0.60.5118.7±6.718.8±4.30.67
Heart rate66±1467±100.71122±19130±160.12
MAP, mm Hg89±991±90.57106±14112±180.23
Mean RAP, mm Hg6±37±40.5211±610±40.97
PAP systolic, mm Hg27±632±90.0457±1263±130.11
PAP diastolic, mm Hg12±314±50.1127±630±60.09
PAP mean, mm Hg18±421±70.0441±845±80.09
PCWP, mm Hg11±314±40.00227±728±70.44
CO, L/min4.9±1.25.3±1.20.3213.2±4.014.2±2.90.34
CI, l/min/m2 2.6±0.52.6±0.50.856.8±1.47.1±1.30.41
LV stroke work, g*m138±31186±34<0.001
RV stroke work, g*m7.4±3.97.2±5.80.89
SVO2 72±675±50.1135±1136±110.77
Lactate, mmol/L0.6±0.30.6±0.20.794.1±1.75.3±1.80.04
  • Data are mean±SD.

  • CI, Cardiac Index; CO, cardiac output; LV, left ventricular; MAP, mean arterial pressure; PAP, pulmonary artery pressure; PAPI, Pulmonary Pulsatility Index; PCWP, pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; RAP, right atrial pressure; RV, right ventricular; SVO2, mixed venous oxygen saturation; VO2, maximal oxygen consumption.