Table 2

Multivariable analysis of clinical and laboratory findings for the occurrence of death or heart transplantation during hospital stay

OR95% CIP value
All patients
 Age0.9950.979 to 1.0110.551
 Arterial hypertension0.7470.473 to 1.1800.211
 Diabetes mellitus1.4120.874 to 2.2800.159
 Ischaemic aetiology1.9611.128 to 3.4100.017
 Decompensation factor0.8550.573 to 1.2770.444
 LV ejection fraction0.9780.955 to 1.0020.072
 RV dysfunction1.3590.890 to 2.0760.155
 Admission data:
  SBP0.9850.975 to 0.9950.003
  Heart rate0.9960.987 to 1.0050.364
  BNP1.2151.040 to 1.4200.014
  Blood urea1.0030.999 to 1.0070.109
 Inotropic drug use10.6285.055 to 22.344<0.001
Patients treated with inotropics
 Age10.982 to 1.0170.967
 Arterial hypertension0.7010.423 to 1.1610.168
 Diabetes mellitus1.3780.813 to 2.3340.234
 Ischaemic aetiology1.9921.091 to 3.6350.025
 Decompensation factor0.950.614 to 1.4710.819
 LV ejection fraction0.9750.950 to 1.0020.067
 RV dysfunction1.5260.964 to 2.4170.071
 Admission data:
  SBP0.9860.975 to 0.9960.008
  Heart rate0.990.981 to 1.0000.044
  BNP1.1931.009 to 1.4110.039
  Blood urea1.0020.998 to 1.0050.436
 Association of inotropes5.5242.692 to 11.335<0.001
  • BNP, B natriuretic peptide; LV, left ventricle; RV, right ventricle; SBP, systolic blood pressure.