Table 1

Functional outcomes after cardiovascular medication in a rat model of repetitive myocardial ischaemia

Max. ST-elevation (mV)*n=7n=7n=6n=6n=7n=8n=7
95% CI0.088 to 0.160.02 to 0.0860.021 to 0.0870.008 to 0.140.071 to 0.1730.077 to 0.1830.054 to 0.168
P value (vs ROP)0.0040.9560.5050.2030.0180.064
P value (vs SHAM)0.0040.0050.1140.9390.8320.649
VPB n=7n=7n=6n=6n=6n=8n=7
VPB score4.432.863.003.005.834.505.00
P value (vs ROP)0.8480.9990.9990.0550.4550.265
P value (vs SHAM)0.8480.9760.9990.6600.9860.955
  • *Maximal ST-elevation during 90 min of LAD occlusion.

  • †Ventricular arrhythmia categorised according to Lown’s grading of 0 to V and the associated VPS score of 1 to 7.

  • CAN, candesartan group; MET, metoprololgroup; NTG, nitroglycerin group; RAN, ranolazinegroup; ROP, repetitive occlusionprotocol group; VPS, ventricular premature beats.