Table 4

Intrarobserver and interobserver reproducibility of speckle tracking echocardiography data

Bias and limits of agreement (%)CV (%)Bias and limits of agreement (%)CV (%)
Global measurements
 LV GLS0.45±0.622.140.36±0.632.30
 LV peak positive early strain0.29±0.4023.570.31±0.4324.03
 Duration of LV ESL7.34±10.187.9110.20±14.1312.75
Regional measurements of LV ESL duration
 Apical four-chamber view12.31±17.0416.074.90±6.7916.80
 Apical two-chamber view8.42±11.649.8513.63±18.8415.99
 Apical long-axis view8.54±11.789.9816.95±23.4224.71
  • CV, coefficient of variation; ESL, early systolic lengthening; GLS, global longitudinal strain; LV, left ventricular.