Table 3

Complications in patients in the IHHT, RIP and IHHT-control group

ComplicationsIHHT group (n=40), abs. (%)RIP group (n=40), abs. (%)Control group (n=40), abs. (%)P values
Perioperative myocardial infarction001 (2.5%)NS
Death001 (2.5%)NS
Ventricular fibrillation002 (5%)NS
Hypotension (need for inotropic therapy)7 (17.5%)8 (20%)9 (22.5%)NS
Atrial fibrillation8 (20%)13 (32.5%)12 (30%)NS
Encephalopathy2 (5%)2 (5%)3 (7.5%)NS
Pericarditis2 (5%)4 (10%)1 (2.5%)NS
Hydrothorax (centesis)3 (7.5%)2 (5%)3 (7.5%)NS
ECG disorders
 ST depression2 (5%)3 (7.5%)2 (5%)NS
 AV block 2nd degree1 (2.5%)02 (5%)NS
 Bundle branch block1 (2.5%)6 (15%)5 (12.5%)NS
  • IHHT, intermittent hypoxic–hyperoxic training; NS, no significant difference between all three groups; RIP, remote ischaemic preconditioning.