Table 2

Multivariable adjusted model of biomarker effect on Body Mass Index

BiomarkerQ1Q3DifferenceEffect95% CIP values
hs-CRP (mg/L), IQR1. to 1.73<0.001
IL-6 (ng/L), IQR1. to 1.20<0.001
GDF-15 (mg/L), IQR974.02047.01073−0.60−8.84 to -0.36<0.001
Troponin T (ng/L), IQR7.516.69.10.310.07 to 0.550.004
NT-pro-BNP (ng/L), IQR362.01241.0879.0−1.46−1.68 to -1.24<0.001
Cystatin C (mg/L), IQR0. to 1.43<0.001
  • Model adjusted for all variables in table 1.

  • GDF-15, growth differentiation factor-15; hs-CRP, high-sensitivity C reactive protein; IL-6, interleukin 6; NT-pro-BNP, N-terminal B-type natriuretic peptide.