Table 3

Causes of death or HTX among the 111 non-Fontan patients

SLV(n= 28)SRV(n=75)MIX(n=8)Total(n=111)
Heart failure*523432
Postoperative complications†313218
Pulmonary vascular disease§46010
Sudden death¶28010
  • *Myocardial and/or valvar failure.

  • †Various complications within 30 days of last surgery.

  • ‡Shunt thrombosis or thrombosis in Fontan circuit, myocardial infarction, stroke.

  • §Underdeveloped pulmonary vessels and/or high pulmonary vascular resistance.

  • ¶Death occurring within minutes from any cause, including malignant tachyarrhythmias.

  • **Pneumonia, sepsis, gastroenteritis.

  • ††Cerebral hemorrhage, pulmonary hemorrhage.

  • HTX, heart transplantation; MIX, mixed or indeterminate ventricular morphology; SLV, single left ventricular morphology; SRV, single right ventricular morphology.