Table 4

Univariable logistic regression

Independent variablesDependent variablesOR95%CIP values
Total PC scoreDeath0.935(0.807 to 1.084)0.373
NYHA0.959(0.851 to 1.082)0.498
Pericardiectomy1.033(0.907 to 1.176)0.624
NYHADeath3.946(1.468 to 10.608)0.007
Ejection fraction0.960(0.904 to 1.020)0.188
Age1.028(0.981 to 1.077)0.242
Albumin0.305(0.127 to 0.735)0.008
Sodium1.003(0.881 to 1.142)0.963
Total LV scoresMR grade0.891(0.736 to 1.079)0.236
Annulus reversus1.258(0.979 to 1.617)0.073
Total RV scoresTR grade0.743(0.597 to 0.926)0.008
Mitral annulusMR grade0.868(0.261 to 2.888)0.817
Annulus reversus3.086(0.734 to 12.981)0.124
Tricuspid annulusTR grade2.568(0.736 to 8.965)0.139
  • LV, left ventricle; MR, mitral regurgitation; NYHA, New York Heart Association; PC, pericardial calcium; RV, right ventricle; TR, tricuspid regurgitation.