Table 3

Associations of residence altitude (per 25 m) with study parameters

Variablesß95% CIStandardised ßP values
Age (per 1 year)0.03−0.02 to
Male sex−0.43−1.33 to 0.47−0.040.35
Haemoglobin (per 1 g/L)0.05−0.18 to
BNP at discharge (per 100 pg/mL)0.01−0.12 to
Left ventricular ejection fraction (per 5%)0.05−0.11 to
Krumholz score0.02−0.49 to 0.530.010.94
Living alone−0.50−1.58 to 0.57−0.040.36
Low income*0.32−0.75 to 1.390.030.55
Number of housemates (per one person)−0.08−0.37 to 0.21−0.030.59
Distance from patients’ residence to hospital† (per 10 km)1.310.94 to 1.670.32<0.01
Population‡(per 100 persons)−0.21−0.24 to −0.17−0.45<0.01
Proportion of the population ≥75 years‡ (per 1%)0.340.29 to 0.390.54<0.01
Number of hospital or clinics‡−0.99−1.21 to −0.77−0.39<0.01
Mean temperature in a day§ (per 1°C)−5.05−6.47 to −3.63−0.31<0.01
Difference of temperature in a day§ (per 1°C)0.580.28 to 0.880.18<0.01
  • *Patients who were certified as a resident tax exemption.

  • †Kitaishikai Hospital.

  • ‡In the minor administrative district (Cho-Aza district) located at patients’ residence.

  • §Average temperature in a day from July 2006 to June 2014 in the major administrative district (Gun-City district) located at patients’ residence.

  • BNP, B-type natriuretic peptide.