Table 1

Frequency of variables used in the models to predict mortality after hospitalisation for heart failure and their respective weights

z-ScoreMean95% CIz-ScoreMean95% CI
Systolic blood pressure2142.621.171.11 to 1.2351.401.181.13 to 1.22
Serum sodium2143.271.151.09 to 1.2017.401.201.06 to 1.33
Age2121.091.411.28 to 1.5414.081.391.19 to 1.58
Blood urea nitrogen1627.441.571.46 to 1.6839.861.291.22 to 1.35
Creatinine1412.731.331.12 to 1.539.291.431.13 to 1.73
COPD/asthma810.001.531.23 to 1.8212.861.441.22 to 1.66
Heart rate745.241.181.13 to 1.23
Albumin634.731.571.48 to 1.6611.261.421.17 to 1.66
Haemoglobin615.111.301.13 to 1.47
Cancer67.752.451.83 to 3.07
NYHA class64.572.261.29 to 3.03
Ischaemic heart disease423.951.211.11 to 1.30
Dementia420.051.851.67 to 2.03
Stroke410.311.381.12 to 1.64
Oxygen saturation42.022.050.07 to 4.03
Respiratory rate334.591.181.11 to 1.24
Sex330.591.291.20 to 1.37
LVEF39.621.150.91 to 1.38
(N-terminal pro) BNP37.051.851.33 to 2.36
Transfer by EMS35.743.812.51 to 5.11
Liver cirrhosis32.204.010.44 to 7.58
Prior heart failure hospitalisation3
Atrial fibrillation3
Diabetes mellitus2
  • BNP, brain natriuretic peptide; COPD, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease; EMS, emergency medical service; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; NYHA, New York Heart Association.