Table 3

Preoperative baseline and postoperative echocardiographic LV measurements in the two surgical groups

VariablesPre aortic valve surgeryPost aortic valve surgeryP values
AVRMIAVRAVRMIAVRBetween the groups (preoperative)†Between the groups (postoperative)†
LVEDD (mm)44.8±5.146.3±5.343.7±4.9*47.1±5.60.670.03
LVESD (mm)26.9±6.228.7±6.926.7±5.130.6±6.90.400.03
LVEDV (mL)85.6±19.9102±3082±17.2100.5±
LVESV (mL)34.9±10.442.3±13.336.1±10.445.5±
LVEF (%)60.2±5.757.8±6.356.5±5.4**54.6±6.50.330.37
LVGLS (%)−16.5±8.1−17.4±2.1−15.7±2.7−16.9±2.10.640.21
Mitral E (m/s)0.81±0.30.80±0.30.84±0.20.89±0.30.720.71
Mitral A (m/s)0.98±0.40.81±0.40.89±0.3*0.79±
Mitral E/A0.84±0.21.2±0.90.98±0.31.2±
Dec T (ms)228.8±61201.1±58.4200±50203.7±49.70.300.59
LA volume (mL)83.2±23.379.6±20.575.2±22.179.8±23.70.530.58
HR (min¯¹)69.6±12.063.4±9.172.5±13.7*71.2±13.0*0.220.75
  • Paired t test versus baseline.

  • *P<0.05; **P<0.01; ***P<0.001.

  • LV, left ventrucular: A, late diastolic flow velocity; AVR, conventional aortic valve replacement surgery; Dec T, declaration time; E, early diastolic flow velocity; EDD, end-diastolic diameter; EDV, end-diastolic volume; EF, ejection fraction; ESD, end-systolic diameter; ESV, end-systolic volume; GLS, global longitudinal strain; HR, heart rate; LA, left atrium; MIAVR, minimally invasive aortic valve replacement surgery; Mitral E/A, ratio between early diastolic flow velocity and late diastolic flow velocity: MPI, myocardial performance index.