Table 2

Quality of the scan impact on the multidisciplinary team outcome and further investigative management

Excellent qualityReasonable qualityPoor quality
Multidisciplinary team outcome
 ICA only2(2%)2(7%)5(17%)
 Discharged with no prevention24(24%)6(20%)2(7%)
 Discharged with prevention42(43%)10(33%)1(3%)
 Functional test: MPS/DSE5(5%)6(20%)9(31%)
Management outcome
 ICA: non-obstructive disease16(16%)4(13%)4(14%)
 ICA proceeded PCI9(9%)3(10%)1(3%)
 ICA referred for PCI2(2%)1(3%)2(7%)
 No ICA performed69(70%)22(73%)22(76%)
 Surgical management2(2%)0(0%)0(0%)
  • DSE, dobutamine stress echocardiogram; ICA, invasive coronary angiogram; MPS, myocardial perfusion scan; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.