Table 3

Procedural and clinical variables

Percutaneous pulmonary valve replacement
Open heart surgery pulmonary valve replacement (n=14)P values
Preoperative and postoperative variables
Vascular access route
 Transfemoral16 (80)
 Transjugular4 (12)
Procedural time (h)3.05±0.692.79±0.70
Postoperative respirator time (min)0 (0–0)240 (65–1005)
Length of stay (h)58±27243±78 <0.001
Postoperative bleeding (mL)1 0 (0–0)650 (285–3840)
Postoperative transfusion (mL)2 0 (0–0)550 (0–7690)
Stent fractures within 1 year postoperatively0
Endocarditis within 1 year postoperatively00
Pacemaker within the same hospital stay01
ICD within the same hospital stay01
  • Data are presented as n, n (%), mean±SD or median (range).

  • 1 Day 1 postoperatively.

  • 2 Transfusions given day 1 postoperatively: erythrocyte concentrate (SAG), fresh frozen plasma (Octaplas), thrombocytes, blood from the heart and lung machine.

  • ICD, implantable cardioverter defibrillator.

  • Bold numbers are statistical significant values.