Table 3

LV dysfunction and genotypes

Group AP valueGroup BP valueGroup C
Deletion 44Deletion 51Other mutations
LV dysfunction4 (44.4%)0.109*2 (40.0%)0.151†34 (79.0%)
SF regression slope−1.8±1.10.751‡−1.4±0.6−1.5±1.2
SF change per year, %−1.49±1.440.827‡−1.41±0.56−1.24±1.18
Delta LVIDd, cm§0.77±0.090.412‡0.12±0.700.68±0.85
  • Group A, isolated deletion of exon 44; group B, isolated deletion of exon 51; group C, all other dystrophin mutations.

  • *Group A versus groups B and C combined.

  • †Group B versus groups A and C combined.

  • ‡Comparison among the three groups (Kruskal-Wallis test).

  • §Final LVIDd–initial LVIDd.

  • LV, left ventricular; LVIDd, left ventricular minor axis dimension in end-diastole; SF, shortening fraction.