Table 7

Health outcomes

Shared careHospitalDifference95% CI for difference
Complete response-based analysis
 Baseline health score880.866940.8610.005−0.034 to 0.045
 After intervention health score880.835940.8040.031−0.024 to 0.086
 After follow-up health score880.865940.866−0.001−0.050 to 0.048
 QALY880.850940.8340.016−0.026 to 0.058
Imputation-based analysis
 Baseline health score1060.8611060.8610.001−0.035 to 0.036
 After intervention health score1060.8341060.7980.036−0.012 to 0.084
 After follow-up health score1060.8651060.8590.006−0.037 to 0.049
 QALY1060.8491060.8260.023−0.014 to 0.060
  • Values are means unless otherwise stated.

  • HRQoL, health-related quality of life; QALY, quality-adjusted life years.