Table 5

Resource use during 1-year follow-up

Shared careHospitalDifference95% CI for difference
Informal time (hour)
 Patient time in rehabilitation18.0218.33−0.31−3.70 to 3.09
 Patient time in transportation8.6613.78−5.11−7.87 to −2.36
Number of trips to the centre13.4816.32−2.84−5.32 to −0.36
Primary healthcare (services)
 General practice32.0523.758.292.64 to 13.94
 Medical specialist2.062.060−0.94 to 0.94
 Physiotherapist4.322.042.28−2.27 to 4.83
 Dentist3.54.34−0.84−1.82 to 0.14
 Other0.590.420.17−0.40 to 0.74
Secondary healthcare
 Outpatient visit10.0413.42−3.39−5.15 to −1.62
 Hospital bed days5.515.420.09−1.67 to 1.86
 Hospital admission12.312.0380.27−0.25 to 0.80
Sick leave (weeks)11.289.561.73−2.96 to 6.42
  • Values are means unless otherwise stated.