Cardiac catheterisationOR95% CIP
 Elevated troponin8.167.35 to 9.06<0.0001
 African-American race0.720.63 to 0.82<0.0001
 Male1.451.31 to 1.61<0.0001
 Chronic kidney disease0.390.29 to 0.53<0.0001
 Coronary artery disease2.442.05 to 2.91<0.0001
 Hypertension0.830.72 to 0.960.0118
 Atrial fibrillation/flutter0.660.51 to 0.860.0022
 Stroke or transient ischaemic attack0.410.31 to 0.54<0.0001
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease0.590.44 to 0.780.0002
 Age (per year)0.990.99 to 0.99<0.0001
 Elevated Charlson Comorbidity Ixndex (>4)0.440.35 to 0.54<0.0001
  • *Medical conditions listed are diagnoses that were present at time of admission.