Table 1

Cost-effectiveness of treatment with ACE inhibitors or beta blockers among eligible but untreated patients in terms of net health benefit (QALYs)

Usual careAddition of treatmentIncremental costs per patientIncremental QALYs per patientICER
(cost per QALY)
Incremental NHB in QALYs (threshold: £20 000 per QALY) per patientIncremental NHB in QALYs (threshold: £13 000 per QALY) per patient
No treatmentACEi£14.500.1699Dominant0.17060.1710
No treatmentBB£44.570.4131£107.880.41090.4097
No treatmentACEi and BB£66.100.5814£113.690.57810.5763
AAACEi and BB£198.500.5639£352.030.55390.5486
AA and ACEiBB£144.860.3952£366.500.38800.3841
AA and BBACEi£87.700.1592£550.780.15480.1525
  • AA, aldosterone antagonist; ACEi, ACE inhibitor; BB, beta blocker; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; NHB, net health benefit; QALY, quality-adjusted life-year.