AuthorMethodological features
Intention to treatFollow-upAdherence as an outcomePrimary outcomeAdherence measurementSessions
Calvert et al 22 Not stated6 monthsPrimaryMedication adherenceSelf-report; MMAS-4; PDC4
Cossette et al 23 Not stated6 weeksSecondaryCardiac rehab attendanceMMAS-43
Costa e Silva et al 24 Yes6 monthsPrimary (one of)Clinical improvement index (including medication adherence)Self-report2
Du et al 25 Not stated36 monthsSecondaryMortality and MACEMMAS-46
Giallauria et al 26 Not stated24 monthsSecondaryCardiopulmonary parameters and cardiovascular risk profile (including medication adherence)Self-report24
Giannuzzi et al 27 Yes36 monthsSecondaryMACESelf-report11
Gould28 Not stated3 daysPrimary (one of)Medication adherence, use of urgent care, patient satisfaction and illness perceptionsMMAS-41
Gujral et al 29 Not stated12 monthsPrimary (one of)Medication adherence and treatment beliefsMARS; MPR2
Ho et al 30 Yes12 monthsPrimaryMedication adherencePDC4
Jalal et al 32 Not stated6 monthsPrimaryMedication adherenceMMAS-81
Jorstad et al 31 Not stated12 monthsSecondaryLifestyle and biometric targetsSelf-report4
Kotowycz et al 33 Yes6 weeksSecondaryMACESelf-report4
Kronish et al 34 Yes6 monthsPrimary (one of)Adherence to medication, heart healthy diet, regular exercise and smoking cessationSelf-reportNR
Lapointe et al 35 Not stated18 monthsSecondaryLDL-C targetsPrescription refillsNR
Miller et al 36 Not stated60 daysPrimaryMRAHBS3
Miller et al 37 Not stated12 monthsPrimaryMRAHBS3
Miller et al 38 Not stated24 monthsPrimaryMRAHBS3
Muñiz et al 39 Not stated6 monthsPrimary (one of)Behavioural and clinical targets (including medication adherence)Self-report2
Najafi et al 40 Not stated3 monthsPrimaryMedication adherenceMMAS-86
Polack et al 41 Not stated6 weeksPrimary (one of)Medication adherence and knowledge retentionMMAS-42
Polsook et al 42 Not stated4 weeksPrimary (one of)Medication adherence and self-efficacyPill count14
Redfern et al 43 Yes3 monthsSecondaryBehavioural and clinical targetsSelf-report5
Redfern et al 44 Yes12 monthsSecondaryBehavioural and clinical targetsSelf-report5
Uysal and Ozcan45 Not stated3 monthsPrimary (one of)Physical activity, medication adherence, anginal symptomsMMAS-43
Xavier et al 46 Yes12 monthsPrimaryMedication adherenceCMAS18
Sharma et al 47 Yes24 monthsPrimaryMediation adherenceCMAS10
Yorio et al 48 Not stated12 monthsSecondaryImproved LDL-C profilePrescription refills1