Table 3

Data extraction for all intervention studies identified in the systematic review process (k=27)

AuthorStudy detailsParticipant characteristics
YearCountryDesign, settingSample sizeSample characteristicsControl group
Calvert et al 22 2012USARCT, multi-site (n=2)143Median age: IG=63, CG=62; male: IG=66%, CG=61%; White: IG=51%, CG=51%Usual care: routine discharge counselling and discharge summary sent to community physician.
Cossette et al 23 2012CanadaRCT, single site242Mean age: IG=59, CG=59; male: IG=81%, CG=90%Usual care: received standard predischarge care. Encouraged to use regular healthcare resources postdischarge.
Costa e Silva  et al 24 2008BrazilRCT, single site153Mean age: IG=58, CG=59; male: IG=63%, CG=64%Usual care: standard outpatient follow-up with a cardiologist.
Du et al 25 2016ChinaRCT, single site979Mean age: IG=60, CG=62; male: IG=73%, CG=72%Usual care: standard follow-up with research nurse.
Giallauria et al 26 2009ItalyRCT, single site52Mean age: IG=58, CG=57; male: IG=85%, CG=85%Usual care: following standard 3-month cardiac rehab, patients were discharged with usual routine recommendations and were seen only at the 12-month and 24-month follow-up.
Giannuzzi et al 27 2008ItalyRCT, multi-site (n=78)3241Mean age: IG=58, CG=58; male: IG=86%, CG=87%Usual care: a letter sent to the family physician recommending secondary prevention goals followed by standard cardiac rehab and follow-up.
Gould28 2011USARCT, single site129NRUsual care: patients received routine discharge materials and usual care.
Gujral et al 29 2014AustraliaRCT, single site200Mean age: IG=58, CG=60; male: IG=77%, CG=80%Usual care: medication beliefs not communicated to their community pharmacist. The community pharmacists were asked to provide the patient with usual care when they collected their prescription medications.
Ho et al 30 2014USARCT, multi-site (n=4)253Mean age: IG=64, CG=64; male: IG=98%, CG=98%; White: IG=82%, CG=75%Usual care: patients received standard ACS hospital discharge instructions, a discharge medication list and educational information about cardiac medications. A 12-month clinic visit was scheduled.
Jalal et al 32 2016UKRCT, single site71Mean age=NR; male=76%Usual care: following predischarge counselling from the hospital pharmacist, patients refilled their prescriptions at their usual pharmacies.
Jorstad et al 31 2013NetherlandsRCT, multi-site (n=11)733Mean age: IG=58, CG=58; male: IG=80%, CG=80%Usual care: outpatient clinic visits to treating cardiologists and other relevant specialists. Patients were referred to cardiac rehab according to national guidelines.
Kotowycz et al 33 2010CanadaRCT, single site54Mean age: IG=56, CG=55; male: IG=81%, CG=70%All discharge planning and follow-up were left to the treating physician and nursing team.
Kronish et al 34 2012USARCT, multi-site (n=5)177Mean age: IG=59, CG=61; male: IG=46%, CG=47%Usual care: treating physicians notified about their patients’ depressive status. Patients given appropriate care for depressive symptoms.
Lapointe et al 35 2006CanadaRCT, single site127Mean age: IG=58, CG=57; male: IG=89%, CG=78%Standard follow-up with patients’ regular physician.
Miller et al 36 1988USARCT, multi-site (n=3)103Mean age=NR (range 30 - 65); male: IG=73%, CG=89%; White: IG=98%, CG=87%Usual care: all patients had received standard inpatient cardiac rehab.
Miller et al 37 1989USARCT, multi-site (n=3)81Mean age=54; male=81%Usual care: all patients had received standard inpatient cardiac rehab.
Miller et al 38 1990USARCT, multi-site (n=3)51Mean age=55; male=76%Usual care: all patients had received standard inpatient cardiac rehab.
Muñiz et al 39 2010SpainRCT, multi-site (n=64)1757Mean age: IG=62, CG=64; male: IG=78%, CG=76%Usual care.
Najafi et al 40 2016IranRCT, single site100Mean age: IG=59, CG=58; male: IG=54%, CG=38%Routine care including check-ups with designated physician.
Polack et al 41 2008CanadaRCT, single site10Mean age: IG=59, CG=65; male: IG=80%, CG=100%Usual care: standard predischarge nurse education.
Polsook et al 42 2016ThailandRCT, single site44Mean age: IG=61, CG=63; male: IG=86%, CG=86%Usual care in the cardiac inpatient department that included education about patients’ condition and treatment.
Redfern et al 44 2008AustraliaRCT, single site144Mean age: IG=62, CG=67; male: IG=74%, CG=75%Ongoing conventional care determined by patients’ family physician and cardiologist.
Redfern et al 43 2009AustraliaRCT, single site144Mean age: IG=62, CG=67; male: IG=74%, CG=75%Usual care: received medical treatment, including pharmacotherapy and lifestyle counselling, as determined by their usual doctors.
Uysal and Ozcan45 2015TurkeyRCT, multi-site (n=2)90Mean age=NR (47% between 45-54); male: IG=80%, CG=76%Received home education kit comprised of brochures about healthy living post-MI. Not provided with telephone counselling and education.
Xavier et al 46 2016IndiaRCT, multi-site (n=14)806Mean age: IG=56, CG=57; male: IG=82%, CG=83%Standard care: patients were asked to alert the research team to any hospital visits that they planned.
Sharma et al 47 2016IndiaRCT, single site100Mean age: IG=57, Con=61; Male total=84%Usual care.
Yorio et al 48 2008USARCT, single site144Median age: IG=56, CG=56; male: IG=67%, CG=57%; White: IG=32%, CG=35%Usual care: standard postdischarge care that included appointments with a cardiologist and family physician within 3 months.