Table 1

Number and percentage of men in which each measurement of non-invasive arterial parameter was achieved with mean values for each measure and number (percentage) of men in whom plaque was seen plus between visit reproducibility analyses

Between visit reproducibility
Measurementn (% of whole cohort)Value*nVisit 1 (mean±SD)Visit 2 (mean±SD)CV%
cfPWV(S) (m/s)†1179 (73%)10.3±2.6839.9±2.69.9±2.69.5
cfPWV(V) (m/s)1577 (92%)10.2±1.711210.2±1.510.3±1.55.1
DC (x10−3 kPa−1)1687 (98%)12.3±4.211612.2±3.812.7±4.612.0
Distension (mm)1703 (99%)0.41±0.131200.41±0.120.41±0.1310.3
cIMT (mm)1696 (98%)0.81±0.161200.79±0.140.75±0.137.8
Plaque1717 (99%)1444 (84%)12376%88%0.8‡
ABPI1369 (80%)1.13±0.14921.13±0.111.18±0.110.65§
  • Results for ultrasound analysis variables show interobserver and mean intraobserver (for cIMT and distension mean of two observers for plaque mean of five observers) reproducibility for each measure. 

  • *Data presented as mean±SD and number and percent with plaque.

  • †Not assessed during home visits, percentage achieved calculated from the 1634 who attended clinic visits.

  • ‡Gwet’s Agreement Coefficient measured reproducibility in plaque identification.

  • §ICC measured agreement in ABPI. Data are mean±SD or percentage presence.

  • ABPI, ankle brachial pressure index; cfPWV, carotid–femoral pulse wave velocity; cIMT, carotid intima-media thickness; CV, coefficient of variation; DC, distensibility coefficient; ICC, intraclass correlation; n, number of subjects; S, Sphygmocor; V, Vicorder.