Table 2

Ultrasound and ECG measures comparing cardiac arrest group with survivors

MeasureSudden death/cardiac arrest (n=32 for ECG measures, 27 for echocardiography)National survivors
p Value
Age at diagnosis (year)8.65.4––14.3n.s.
Duration FU (year)7.03.0––15.9n.s.
IVS diagnosis (cm)2.261.50–2.801.200.96–1.75p=0.000005
IVS at last FU (cm)2.591.90–2.951.401.09–1.92p<0.0000001
Maximum WT Z-score at diagnosis5.834.74–7.033.592.82–4.84p=0.00027
Maximum WT Z-score at last FU6.075.33–7.663.552.31–4.68p=0.0000002
PLVW at diagnosis (cm)0.900.80–1.380.880.63–1.10p=0.053, n.s.
PLVW at last FU (cm)1.301.00–1.640.930.78–1.10p=0.00018
Sepcavr at diagnosis0.700.49–0.840.400.29–0.54p=0.000007
Sepcavr at last FU0.730.49–1.000.360.26–0.50p=0.0000004
LVcavr at diagnosis0.310.24–0.420.270.22–0.33n.s.
LVcavr at last FU0.310.25–0.470.210.20–0.26p=0.00002
SEPPER at diagnosis261193–306143120–189p<0.0000001
SEPPER at last FU245217–307141110–187p<0.0000001
LVPER at diagnosis123101–1588881–104p=0.0041
LVPER at last FU127108–1678881–104p=0.000004
LA:Ao ratio early1.431.25–1.571.291.14–1.46p=0.054, n.s.
LA:Ao ratio late FU1.471.27–1.851.231.09–1.40p=0.0022
LLQRSS diagnosis (mV)13.310.6––10.3p<0.0000001
LLQRSS at last FU (mV)12.710.6––9.9p<0.0000001
QRS duration at diagnosis (ms)9080–978070–89p=0.0044
QRS duration at last FU (ms)10090–1188981–108p=0.012
12-Lead product at diagnosis (mV.s)2.892.40–3.251.801.47–2.44p=0.000037
12-Lead product at last FU (mV.s)3.452.79–4.451.811.39–2.59p<0.0000001
QTc at diagnosis (ms)448419–475410389–423p=0.0000016
QTc at last FU (ms)462434–483426401–457p=0.00015
  • FU, follow-up; IVS, interventricular septum; La:Ao, left atrium-to-aorta diameter ratio; LLQRSS, limb-lead QRS amplitude sum18; LVcavr, posterior left ventricular-wall-to-cavity ratio; LVPER, left ventricular wall thickness in per cent of 95th centile for age18; PLVW, posterior left ventricular wall thickness; sepcavr, septum-to-cavity ratio; SEPPER, septal thickness in per cent of 95th centile for age18; 12-lead product, 12-lead amplitude × duration product17; WT, wall thickness.