Table 5

Cox hazard proportional regression multivariate analysis of risk factors: significant risk factors remaining in model after testing factors in table 4 (n=140; SD/CA n=27)

ParameterBSEExp (B)Significance
Only risk factors at diagnosis and early therapy entered (8.3% missing data in final model)
First limb-lead QRS sum0.0730.0311.076 p=0.020
First SEPPER (septum in % of 95th centile)0.0150.0031.015 p<0.001
LVOTO at rest (>20 mm Hg)0.2060.1071.229p=0.054
Early beta-blocker dose −0.312 0.1420.732 p=0.028
(First ECG risk score0.2080.0901.231 p=0.021)
Predictors of sudden death at late follow-up (10.3% missing data in final model)
Last ECG risk score0.2790.0891.321 p=0.002
Last Detroit Z-score (maximum wall thickness)0.5500.1611.733 p=0.001
Beta-blocker+disopyramide therapy −1.601 0.6290.202 p=0.011
(Last beta-blocker dose −0.096 0.0460.908 p=0.037)
  • LVOTO, left ventricular outflow tract obstruction; SD/CA, sudden death/cardiac arrest; SEPPER, septum in % of 95th centile for age. Within brackets: alternative values if first ECG risk score, or last beta-blocker dose, substituted into the respective models.