Table 1

Estimated hazard ratios (95% CI) for all-cause mortality based on supervised exercise dose (MET-h per week) in independent Cox models for two time periods

ModelEvent time <9 yearsEvent time >9 years
HR*95% CIP ValueHR95% CIP Value
Unadjusted0.850.53 to 1.360.4920.570.35 to 0.920.023
Multivariate Model 11.671.00 to 2.880.0491.020.60 to 1.730.939
Multivariate Model 2 (propensity score)1.320.76 to 2.300.3220.980.56 to 1.720.949
  • *HR for exercise volume >6.6 MET-h per week (≤6.6. MET-h per week is reference category) Time partitioning at 9 years corresponds to a distinct change in the slope of the hazard.