Table 1

Troponin as a prognostic marker

In aortic valve disease
Saito et al6Preoperative levels of hs-troponin T predict cardiac death and fatal arrhythmia after aortic valve replacement in patients with aortic stenosis without concomitant coronary artery disease
Rosjo et al7Increased hs-troponin-T levels are detectable in patients with moderate and severe aortic stenosis and are associated with poor prognosis
Chin et al8Plasma troponin-I concentrations are associated with the need for aortic valve replacement and cardiovascular death
In mitral valve disease
Oshima et al9Length of cardiopulmonal bypass time influences troponin-I levels; higher troponin-I levels on postoperative days 1 and 2 significantly correlated with increased intensive care unit and hospital day
Monaco et al10cTroponin I higher after surgical mitral valve replacement than after mitral valve repair and cTroponin I concentrations strongly associated with risk of impending postoperative complications
Wöhrle et al11Higher baseline concentrations of hs-troponin strongly predict cardiovascular death and rehospitalisation after percutaneous mitral valve repair
In patients with HF
et al12
Troponin above the upper reference limit is associated with more severe heart failure, more severe heart failure symptoms, need for more aggressive supportive measures and worse outcome
et al13
Nearly all patients with acutely decompensated heart failure have highly sensitive troponin-I or troponin-T value above the 99th percentile
Masson et al145284 patients with chronic heart failure (pooled analysis from Val-HeFT and GISSI-HF): Increases in high sensitivity troponin over 3–4 months of follow-up are associated with all-cause mortality and improve prognostic discrimination beyond baseline high sensitivity troponin values only
In heart transplant recipients
et al15
Elevated troponin levels in the pretransplant period are correlated with reduced LV-EF and regional wall motion abnormalities in the donor heart without correlation to early or late post-transplant outcome
Marasco et al16Peak troponins are correlated with postoperative primary graft failure
De Santo et al17Total ischaemic time and postoperative troponin elevation >10  µg/L are markers for increased postoperative morbidity and mortality
  • AS, aortic stenosis; cTnI, cardiac troponin I; ICU, intensive care unit; HF, heart failure.