Table 2

Net reclassification improvement. Comparison with the CKD-EPI renal function estimation as the original model. The numbers show that CG improved classification of patients who died as compared with the CKD-EPI formula, whereas the CKD-EPI was slightly better at identifying high-risk patients than the MDRD equation (see online supplementary table 2 for reclassification table)

MDRDCGp Value (compared with CKD-EPI as the original model)
NRI categorical (using cut-points of 6% and 20% mortality)-0.05 (-0.06 to  -0.05)0.16 (0.16 to 0.17)<0.001
NRI continuous-0.69 (-0.06 to -0.05)0.39 (0.37 to 0.42)<0.001
IDI-0.02 (-0.02 to  -0.02)0.03 (0.03 to 0.03)<0.001
  • CG, Cockcroft-Gault; CKD-EPI,Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration; MDRD,Modification of Diet in Renal Disease Study; NRI, net reclassification improvement.