Table 4

Frequency of aortic valve infective endocarditis in patients with bicuspid and tricuspid aortic valves  in the Italian cohort

Aortic valve-only infective endocarditisOther valve infective endocarditisTotal
Bicuspid aortic valve38 (79.2%)10 (20.8%)48
Tricuspid aortic valve115 (33.7%)226 (66.3%)371
  • Patients are classified as having IE of only the aortic valve, or having IE of any other valve including, or not including, the aortic valve. The observed risk ratio of having endocarditis of only the aortic valve was increased 7.5 times if the aortic valve was bicuspid (CI 3.6 to 15.5), p<0.0001.