Table 4

Patients' expectations and outcome regarding recovery at baseline and at follow-up

Baseline n=544 Follow-up n=505
n % n %
10 a–d. Do you think that your present state will be affected by thetreatment you will possibly receive after coronary angiography? 5 a–d. How are you feeling today compared with how you felt 6 months ago?
10a. I expect to be completely recovered / I hope to be completely fine.30656.35a. I am fully recovered.10220.2
10b. I expect to be almost fully recovered / I hope to improve even if I am not entirely fine.20337.35b. I am almost completely recovered.16432.5
10c. I expect to be only partially recovered / I hope to get somewhat better.285.15c. I am partially recovered.11522.7
10d. I expect no improvement at all / I have no hopes of getting better.10.2sd. I am not at all recovered.9619.0