Table 3

Patients' attitudes towards participation in the decision-making process, treatment options, the view on changing their lifestyle and attitudes towards medical therapy at baseline (in questions 5 a–c, 6 a–d, 7 a–d and 8 a–c in the expectation baseline questionnaire (ExpQb))

ExpQb: n=544
n %
5 a–c. If coronary angiography shows narrowing of your coronary vessels- What best describes your attitude towards the choice of treatment?
5a. I have a fixed opinion about which treatment I prefer.203.7
5b. I want to be informed about the treatment options available and then decide together with the responsible cardiologist which treatment I will receive.35565.3
5c. I want the responsible cardiologist to decide which treatment I will receive.16730.7
6 a–d. Which of the following treatment options would you then prefer?
6a. I would prefer lifestyle changes.6912.7
6b. I would prefer only medical treatment.499.0
6c. I would prefer balloon angioplasty.40774.8
6d. I would prefer bypass surgery.112.0
7 a–d. What is your view on changing your lifestyle?
7a.I would start with lifestyle changes and resort to another treatment later if it becomes necessary.15528.5
7b. I would prefer lifestyle changes only as a complement to other treatment.19034.9
7c. I do not want to make any lifestyle changes.275.0
7d. I have already done everything possible in terms of lifestyle changes.16730.7
8 a–c. What is your view on a lifelong medical treatment consisting of antithrombotic, lipid-lowering and cardio-protective drugs?
8a. I do not want any medical treatment.285.1
8b. I can imagine being treated with drugs for a limited time (treatment duration of about 1 year).15929.2
8c. I can imagine lifelong medical treatment.34463.2
  • ExpQb, expectation questionnaire at baseline.