Table 4

Univariate analysis

HR95% CIp Value
Family history of SCD1.380.49 to 3.880.54
NSVT on ambulatory holter3.361.00 to 11.350.05
Syncope1.220.39 to 3.850.73
LV thickness >30 mm0.910.26 to 3.220.89
T peak T end Duration*
 Lead V20.960.66 to 1.400.82
 Lead V51.010.80 to 1.280.90
T wave duration*
 Lead V20.980.83 to 1.140.77
 Lead V51.020.92 to 1.140.66
QTc duration*
 Lead V21.080.90 to 1.310.40
 Lead V51.080.94 to 1.250.27
T wave amplitude†
 Lead V20.730.56 to 0.960.02
 Lead V50.980.96 to 1.010.23
Number of sudden death risk factors1.980.96 to 4.100.06
  • *HR is per 10 msec change.

  • †HR is per 0.1 mV change.

  • LV, left ventricular; NSVT, non-sustained ventricular tachycardia; SCD, sudden cardiac arrest.