Table 4

Reported complications from series of patients undergoing BAV prior to and after the introduction of TAVI in 2002

EraAuthorSubgroupYearStudy designPatientsTotal complicationCVACTAcute AIMIVascular*
No TAVI (pre-2002)NHLBI Registry18NA1991MC, R67425%2%1%1%NA34%
Mansfield Registry19 20NA1991MC, P49221%2%2%1%NANA
Lieberman et al41NA1995SC165NA0.4%NA1.1%NANA
TAVI (2002 to current)Agarwal et al42NA2005SC, R212NA0.4%NA1.1%NA13.5%
Klein et al43NA2006SC, R7822%1%1%0%1%NA
Tissot et al21NA2011SC, P2534%0%NA0%0%1%
Khawaja et al15NA2013MC4236.3%1%1%NA1%2.2%
Ben-Dor et al22NA2013SC, P472NA2%1%1%0%11%
Saia et al10NA2013SC, R415NA1%NA2.6%0%5.6%
Eltchaninoff et al44NA2014SC, R3237%2%0%2%0%2.5%
Moretti et al23Dest.2015MC, R416NA0.8%NANA2.4%11%†
  • *Includes both major and minor vascular complications as well as requirement for blood transfusions.

  • †According to VARC criteria.

  • AI, aortic insufficiency; BAV, balloon aortic valvuloplasty; B-AVR, bridge to aortic valve; B-TAVI, bridge to TAVI; CT, cardiac tamponade; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; Dest, destination therapy; MC, multicentre; MI, myocardial infarction; NA, not available; NHLBI, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute; P, prospective; R, retrospective; SC, single-centre; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation; VARC, Valve Academic Research Consortium Definitions.