Table 5

Cumulative all-cause mortality following BAV in series reported prior to and after the introduction of TAVI in 2002

EraAuthorSubgroupYearStudy designPatientsHospital*30-day6-month1-year5-year
No TAVI (pre-2002)Lababidi et al29NA1984SC, P23NANANANANA
Walls et al30NA1984SC, P274%NANANANA
Block and Palacios31NA1987SC356%NANANANA
Dorros et al32NA1987SC10NANANANANA
Schneider et al33NA1987SC60%NANANANA
Isner et al34NA1987SC9NANANANANA
McKay et al35NA1987SC3210%NANANANA
Cribier et al36NA1987SC923%NANANANA
Letac et al37NA1988SC2185%NANANANA
Nishimura et al38NA1988SC, P251%16%48%NANA
Litvack et al39NA1988SC251%NANANANA
Safian et al40NA1988SC1704%NA18%26%NA
NHLBI Registry18NA1991MC, R6743%14%NA36%NA
Mansfield Registry19 45NA1991MC, P4925%NA23%36%NA
Lieberman et al41NA1995SC165NANANA40%NA
TAVI (2002 to current)Agarwal et al42NA2005SC, R2128%10%NA36%86%
Klein et al43NA2006SC, R781%NANA62%86%
Tissot et al21BAV alone2011SC, P41NANANA67%NA
BAV bridge140NANANA6%NA
Khawaja et al12NA2013MC4232.4%14%NA36%NA
Ben-Dor et al22NA2013SC, P4722.5%NANANANA
Saia et al10B-TAVI2013SC, R162NANANA21%NA
Eltchaninoff et al44BAV2014SC, R238NANANA54%99%
Moretti et al23Dest.2015MC, R416NA6.5%NANANA
  • *Hospital: mortality rate during procedure, after 24 hours and at time of discharge combined.

  • BAV, balloon aortic valvuloplasty; B-AVR, bridge to AVR; B-TAVI, bridge to TAVI; Dest., destination therapy; MC, multicentre; NHLBI, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute; P, prospective; Pall., palliation; R, retrospective; SC, single-centre; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.