Table 3

Reported changes in aortic gradient and aortic valve area following BAV procedures in series reported prior to and after the introduction of TAVI in 2002

EraAuthorYearStudy designPatientsChange in aortic gradient (mm Hg)Change in aortic valve area (cm2)
No TAVI (pre-2002)Lababidi et al291984SC, P2381NA
Walls et al301984SC, P2790NA
Block and Palacios311987SC35450.44
Dorros et al321987SC10380.30
Schneider et al331987SC6270.39
Isner et al341987SC9150.26
McKay et al351987SC, P9360.47
Cribier et al361987SC92330.30
Letac et al371988SC218350.30
Nishimura et al381988SC, P25260.20
Litvack et al391988SC25150.31
Safian et al401988SC170430.41
NHLBI Registry181991MC, R674340.30
Mansfield Registry191991MC, P492300.32
Lieberman et al411995SC165300.20
TAVI (2002 to current)Agarwal et al422005SC, R212260.59
Klein et al432006SC, R78210.38
Tissot et al212011SC, P253160.21
Khawaja et al152013MC423500.22
Ben-Dor et al222013SC, P472230.40
Saia et al102013SC, R415300.30
Eltchaninoff et al442014SC, R323230.44
Moretti et al232015MC, R811210.19
  • BAV, balloon aortic valvuloplasty; MC, multicentre; NA, not available; NHLBI, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute; P, prospective; R, retrospective; SC, single-centre; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.