Table 4

Multivariate analysis with proportional hazards of 1-year mortality. Predictors of mortality by location of STEMI adjusted for comorbidities and DBT

VariableHRSEZ valuep Value95% CI
Anterior STEMI1.620.223.49<0.0011.23 to 2.12
Rising grade of IMR1.390.104.53<0.0011.21 to 1.61
DBT (compared with 60 min)
60–90 min1.570.830.400.56 to 4.41
90–120 min2.150.950.080.91 to 5.12
>120 min1.860.620.060.97 to 3.57
Male gender0.840.11−1.310.1890.65 to 1.09
Diabetes mellitus1.100.160.690.4930.84 to 1.46
Hypertension1.350.221.860.0620.98 to 1.85
Obesity0.770.12−1.690.0900.58 to 1.04
Smoking1. to 1.35
Ejection fraction ≤35%1.840.274.21<0.0011.38 to 2.45
Clinical shock2.480.395.69<0.0011.81 to 3.38
COPD1.560.292.410.0161.09 to 2.23
Acute kidney injury2.520.455.15<0.0011.77 to 3.58
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; DBT, door-to-balloon time; IMR, ischaemic mitral regurgitation; STEMI, ST elevation myocardial infarction.