TableĀ 4

Key clinical considerations regarding psychological distress induced by exercise restrictions

Clinical considerationsKey points
Individuals at greatest risk for distress
  • Identification by self and/or others as an athlete

  • Prior high levels of athleticism (elite athletics, competitive athletics, greater hours per week exercising)

  • Greater drop in hours per week exercising

Exercise recommendations
  • Clear exercise recommendations

  • Application of exercise recommendations to patient's own specific exercise activities

Role of exercise
  • The role exercise plays in patient's life

  • Methods for patient to fill void of exercise specifically focusing on social outlet loss if important to patient

Emotional impact
  • Patient's emotional reaction

  • Potential for long term, but adaptable psychological impact

  • Grief of loss of exercise and role it played

  • Potential referral to psychologist

Support system
  • Communication of new exercise recommendations with family, friends

  • Friends, family participating in modified exercise with patient

  • Possible lack of understanding from some friends/family

  • Education of patient's support system about the emotional difficulty of restricting exercise

  • Educational resources for patient

  • HCM community connection

  • Beneficial and detrimental coping techniques