Table 3

End-diastolic lengths (N=1266) and variability by repeated measurement in a subset of 46 individuals of myocardial wall measurements

WallMean (SD), cmCoR (cm)Mean error (%)
Septal9.2† (1.7)0.83.3
Lateral9.6* (1.8)0.93.4
Mean of septal and lateral9.4 (1.7)0.72.8
Anterior9.5‡ (1.8)1.24.6
Inferior9.5§ (1.8)1.24.8
Mean of four walls9.5 (1.7)0.83.1
Anteroseptal9.2$ (1.9)1.37.6
Posterior (inferolateral)10.1* (2.1)1.26.2
Mean of six walls (LVWL)9.5 (1.8)0.73.5
  • * p<0.05 vs all other walls.

  • †p<0.01 vs other walls except anteroseptal.

  • ‡p<0.01 vs all other walls except inferior.

  • §p<0.01 vs all other walls except anterior.

  • $p<0.01 vs all other walls except septal.

  • CoR, coefficient of repeatability; LVWL, left ventricular wall length.